Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Modem Inoperate

Nothing will cure the desire to hibernate quicker than a non-working 'puter. I am at the library. Our new modem is on its way. Can't come quick enough.

Today has been fun. Stayed up really late last night getting caught up on some paper grading. Then I started working on schoolwork. Then I decided to go on to bed. Bladder full of TEA PEE woke me up. Continued working on assignments for today. Left to take my stepdad for labwork and a haircut. Back to my mom's for a shave-barbers don't do this anymore ) ; Then I helped Mom find her teeth (!!!!). By now I know what you are thinking...I'm so jealous of this girl's exciting life. I know, I know. I couldn't wait to get to the library and blog about it!! Tomorrow we have two dental appointments. The fun without end, AMEN.

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Amy said...


I bet, if we researched it, we would find that we are related. I just know that Mia and I are related...and after reading many of your posts, I'm convinced that we are related as well.;)

It takes a special kind of woman to lead this kind of exciting life. I should know. I went to my parent's house yesterday to help take care of my mom following her knee replacement surgery...so my dad could go to the pulmonologist about his emphysema.....And once he got back home, I had to go home, because my back and back brace were really killing me.


I'm bringing sexy back....


Have fun at the dentist!;)

Big hugs,