Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kentucky Rain

My favorite Elvis song, but not my favorite day. It matches my mood today though. Tomorrow my hubby goes to the local Catholic hospital for neck surgery. He has been suffering from neck pain for about 12 years. This was brought on by a combination of football in high school and looking down at mail. The last few weeks have consisted of a chiropractor recommending surgery(!!), xrays, and an MRI. There have also been interviews with people who have had the same surgery and hubby has spent hours reading message boards (not recommended) and printed many many detailed descriptions of this surgery. He is definitely an informed patient. Too informed, I say. He isn't sleeping well. He is nervously trying to get all the big chores done.

I am trying to get caught up on chores too, so I can be a full time nurse. So if you have missed me, that is why. You will miss me some more and I will miss you as well. Please pray for our family. Erik hasn't ever been down and I know this will be really hard for him.


Amy said...

I am so sorry that your husband and you have to go through that. I will definitely be praying for both of you. I know all too well how hard it is to be down. And I know it's just as hard for the spouse having to do the work of two spouses.

Please keep us posted on how you both are doing. And in the meantime, I will be praying.

God Bless,

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

will def. say a prayer..... update when you can...

hulagirlatheart said...

Hey, that's my second favorite Elvis song, right behind In The Ghetto and maybe Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees.

Good luck on the surgery. Prayers coming your way!

Julie Anne said...

John just had cervical fusion surgery for a ruptured disc and a herniated disc. He had pain foreeeever. The surgery went well though. Is that what Erik is having done? If it is, call me and we can talk about it.