Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Newlyweds-Jason & Brittany

The Family

Elizabethtown, IL...Be still my heart!!!

Camel Rock at Garden of the Gods (IL not CO)

Today we skipped out of church early so we could take our annual daytrip for fall. We love to go to Garden of the Gods and climb on the rocks and see the awesome scenery. It was as perfect as always!! I love fall and this yearly trek always makes me really happy. We did something a bit odd this year. Despite the fact that we have been going to this place since before we had children, today we missed a turn and ended up in the coolest town ever-Elizabethtown, IL. I loved it. It had me at hello. It is right on the river and there are two bed and breakfasts with spectacular views. We will return...and hopefully without our darling offspring. We sat in the gazebo and watched boats going by. Gorgeous.

After my heart was full of fall and water scenery, we hurried back to hometown to attend the wedding reception of my nephew, Jason and his bride Brittany. It was really sweet to celebrate their marriage with them. They eloped to a little chapel in Gatlinburg on Oct. 15th. They have been together longer than Erik and I so it wasn't a big surprise. A little great nephew/niece on the way prompted them to move beyond "common law" and REALLY get married. I just got through looking at their wedding pictures online and trying to narrow down the ones I want. I just love weddings. New beginnings. I love new beginnings.

Our children are very upset to have missed our church's Halloween bash but someday they will discover you really can't do it all and weddings celebrations trump Halloween bashes. However, they don't really get that now. I had thought we could maybe just go late. I even changed clothes to go and sat on the couch for a minute and then it hit me...I was tired. Very tired and thankful I had not told them I was thinking about going late.

It just wasn't meant to be for us this year and tomorrow we have a big visit to the toenail doc with my mom and stepdad. That should put everyone in a sunshiney mood!!


Amy said...

What a gorgeous place! Shannon would love it! I think that he went rock climbing in that area one time before.

Weddings are wonderful. I am a hopeless romantic! *sigh*

And you are receptions trump Halloween parties....and you needed your rest for that toenail appointment. (shiver)

I'm glad you had such a lovely day with your family.

God Bless,

Mia said...

Oh yes! Nothing says family together-ness like a good toe nail clippin'!!!
Especially if you take some school books to make it really fun!!
You know its beautiful here in middle America isn't it?