Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Once upon a time in my life, I worked at McDonald's. It was a job I dearly loved. I liked all my co-wrkers and we had a lot of fun while working very hard together. I was trained in all positions in a very short amount of time and some days I would open, go home to take a nap and then come back and close. There were managers that I loved working with and I almost always made over time-plus they worked around my college schedule-no easy feat.

It seemed like I had been there forever because I worked so often. In reality though, it had only been 4 months. I was a good hard worker. There was another girl that only worked once in a blue moon, did a lousy job and could only do one job and was not even remotely competent at that. We made the same pay. It made my blood boil. I approached my store manager and told her I wanted a raise. She said I would definitely get one-in two months at my 6 month evaluation. I needed to make more money without working so many hours so in my mind, it was not acceptable. Another manager gave me a long lecture about how it was easier to quit than to stay and work things out. Her advice caused me to do alot of soul searching and reflecting. It was such good advice that I still reflect on it often when faced with times I want to quit and walk away. However, in this case, I quit and went to Captain D's where they paid me $1 an hour more and gave me 40 hours. I think I made the right move. Sometimes, quitting is the right thing to do.

Too many people don't quit for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes people do quit for all the wrong reasons. Sorting out those reasons is the hardest part of life.

This has been deep thoughts by janjanmom.

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