Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Erika had a lovely make-up party last night. It was fun to see all the girls with a light dusting of make-up. I think they were a tad disappointed that she did not paint them up like a clown-but they looked really nice and still looked like the beautiful young ladies they are. It was especially nice that a couple of my older former girl scouts were there. They are so funny and high school has not changed them much-still giggly girls!!

Erika has been playing with her lipstick samples all morning. She won't ever wear much make-up, I don't think, but she really likes lipstick and mascara. Erik is off today so once again our four day school week is working out just perfect. I love the flexibility it gives us to have one day per week for plan changes that come up spontaneously. We will have much shorter breaks than most people but those breaks are always too long for us anyway. ( ;

I colored my hair today. I don't think I can do professional color at $50 a pop. I am just too cheap for it. I will continue with the haircuts though, Tim has my hair looking better than it has since...well, when I used to go to him!! It is a bit darker but I like it alot. Also the conditioner included in the box has my hair so soft I can't believe it is my hair!!

I have alot of things I need to be taking care of right now. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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Amy said...

Like your daughter, I love mascara and lipstick....with a touch of lip gloss on top.:)My face is toooooo oily to wear anything else.:(

What is the kind of conditioner that left your hair feeling so soft? Share your soft hair secret, please?;)