Saturday, August 09, 2008


Some of you might think I should be done by now. You are wrong. As I slowly and methodically go through my home and let a few things go, it is almost a spiritual experience. We have accumulated so much stuff in the course of our lives that letting go must happen just as gradually. I try to leave all of Erik's stuff alone which is pretty easy since his is mostly boxed and put in the top of our storage closet. It would have been easy to go through his-I have no attachment to most of it. Just like in life-it is much easier to fix someone else before we get around to us! So, facing all the projects, good intentions and things that haven't worked is a difficult and slow process. The love of "stuff" is the root of all chaos, at least for me. As our paths, closets and bookshelves get decluttered, I find a joy I did not realize was possible.

Today is a fun day of pajamas(at least for me), cooking, laundry, listening to a book on CD(about organizing) and decluttering. A perfect ending to a productive week. I am a domestic goddess.

Happy Sabbath.

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Mia said...

oh it warms my heart! Decluttering,organizing clearing chaos!
Happy Sabbath TO YOU!! : )