Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Day 2, Day 2

Day 2 now is through! We made it another day-and even managed a trip to the library to get a few resources to enhance our study. While at the library, the kids were to do some independent research on the king who abdicated ($20 word) the throne in 1936 for love. (To marry his divorced American girlfriend.) (Bragging rights if you know the answer!!) Erika also finished up her NASA webquest on flight. (Kayla had done it at home. Lilly-over her head!) I love the online tools available to educators!! There are soooo many. (another favorite!)

Today was Erik's day off so I was worried that it might trip us up and get us off track, but it was not a problem. I also made some yummy homemade lasagna while the kids were working. Mmmmm! It was good, and will be even better tomorrow. After our library trip, we went to my mom's. Busy day, busy day.

Today is the last day I am the mom of two eleven year olds. Tomorrow is Erika's 12th birthday. Wow. Makeup enters the scene. YIKES-what was I thinking. She probably won't wear it very often, but who knows. Erika is the inventive, creative one. She loves to draw, sew and do crafty things. If I am not careful, she will squirrel trash in her room to recycle it into a fairy house or fairy amusement park. She never ceases to amaze me with her creativity. She also enjoys giving her creations away. She does puppets for the little ones at church and is a really neat kid. We will celebrate by taking a school field trip. To a waterpark...to learn about water and how small crowds get at waterparks when public school begins its year. ( ;

I probably won't post tomorrow until late or maybe not at all. Wave pools and laptops do not go hand in hand you know. Have a terrific Tuesday!! TaTa!

PS. I loved running into you, Hula!! Teen Angel is still the coolest ninth grader I know!


Mia said...

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson!!! That's one of my fav British stories.
God Save The Queen!!!! nudge,nudge, wink, wink

hulagirlatheart said...

Dad gum it! Mia beat me to it. I keep telling Hubby all that Biography Channel watching pays off.

It was great seeing you, too! It always seems like such a cool surprise after having only blog contact for months at a time...like one of us has flown in from Cleveland or something.