Sunday, August 31, 2008

Black White and Gray

I am a black and white girl, at least I have been most of my life. Thing are right or wrong and you should always try to do what is right. Any untruth or omission is the same as a lie is a good for instance. In my narrow mind, it was always obvious what was right and what was wrong. In the last ten years though, God has really taught me some hard lessons. Lessons about differences in people and why they make the decisions they make. He has taught me some really hard lessons about unconditional love and what a hard decision(and a good one!) it can be to love someone that way. He also taught ME what a blessing it is to be loved that way. Tough love may be essential to some that our lives are intertwined with, but it does not work in the lives of people who are not close to us and often serves as a huge barrier from God to those who are lost or searching.

This also brings up how different all of our lives are, how personal our journey with God is. Most difficult for me to deal with though is that not everything is black and white, right or wrong. There are lots of variables that muddy the water. I am thankful to have the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help me love beyond my ability. I am thankful not to be the ultimate judge of hearts. I am slowly coming to grips with gray.


Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

I love this post. I too tired to say anything else right now, but I love this! Grey/Gray is definitely THE color of most situations!

I love the line about our journey with is such a personal thing.

Jason said...

This is a life lesson that we all have to learn at one point or another.