Thursday, July 31, 2008

School... is just around the corner. I mean, really, just around the corner. As in Monday. This week I have prepared as much as possible by watching movies almost non-stop and reading book after book. We won't have all day movie marathons anymore after Monday. Bummer. Our schedule looks good and we already have a homeschool field trip on the third day of school, which just so happens to be Erika's birthday. That is totally awesome!!

This weekend is my family reunion. I will get up Saturday and do some cooking and then head to my Dad's house to catch up with some family I hardly ever get to see. The best part is that we never know who will be coming in. It is always a mystery and a fun surprise to see who makes the trip to KY. The girls really love it since my dad has a swing on every tree and there are all those cousins to pester/play with.

Well, I am off to put another movie in...our time is very limited you know.

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Jason said...

Oh've got some busy times ahead of you! Good luck with it all.