Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bullet Updates!
  • Tomorrow I am taking my mom to church, at her church. My family will be going to our church. I've been out of this rotation for a long time but since I no longer go over every day-it was only fair for me to be worked back into it. I will be getting to their house early so I can help my step father shave. Glamour!!
  • We have been doing the yard work of a semi-wooded lot the past two days. Because we have so many trees, there comes a time of trimming. This is generally around the time limbs nearly smack you off of the mower(read that as NOW). I really do love our yard and a day of good hard yard work makes you sleep well-however, two days of it make you wish for a tiny lot.
  • Every now and then we think about moving to town and giving up our country life. Then we look around at prices and get unexcited and decide we are very content. However, we may have found THE project we have been seeking. Or NOT. We are gonna poke around a little tomorrow. It is probably over our heads but it would be cool. Don't ask for details-we are not talking seriously at all yet!! We've done this about 10 times before and we are still right here on our country lane.
  • Tomorrow night, our church is having it's annual mystery night dinner for the youth group. I am excited. It will be a fun night of mystery. This year our whole family will be helping/participating. Yes indeed, we are getting older!!
  • My one laundry basket is exploding right now. I am officially behind on laundry!! I will be working on that tonight!!
  • Coming up with five superhero costumes for above mystery night is very challenging...and might be expensive if not for creative children and yard sales!!
  • Valerie Bertinelli's autobiography Losing It is awesome!! She is one neat lady.
  • I did not mean to ignore Ami and Stephanie-the name of the book that I once believed was my all time favorite book is A Nice Place to Live by Robert C. Sloane. I will caution you that it is very graphic-violence, language and a morsel of erotica. My 15 year old self was not the best critic! It would be categorized as a science fiction thriller. I also read and liked Catch-22 at 15-I wonder if I should re-read it?
  • Erik and I had a date last night. We went to the best Pampered Chef couples party ever. We ate too much, visited a bit, went to Walmart(spent $3.23 on school supplies), picked up the girls and came home to sleep off some good Mexican food!! OOH, I love the night life...I love to boogie...


hulagirlatheart said...

What? No boogie shoes? Ha! We look at houses all the time...and then stay right where we are.

Mia said...

your date night sound VERY much like ours...too much to eat and ends up at Wal-Mart! PAR-TAY!

Mia said...


No, I couldn't let it go

Jacinda said...

Please don't move off of 'country lane.' I'd miss that connection........ :-)

Jason said...

Pampered Chef couples party? Great idea!