Saturday, June 07, 2008

Only Child Syndrome

Lilly is now an only child and she believes she should get anything she wants. She is so busy pushing the envelope that she is missing out on all the GOOD attention she could be getting. It will take her a few days to level off...probably right about the time the other two return home.

The two older girls are at camp. They discovered that they knew almost every one in their cabin at camp. They settled right in and were eager for Mom to move on so Lilly and I left. I was eager to let my little birdies have some non-mom time. I hope they enjoy themselves. It was not what I expected-smaller-but I did not really see everything either. They allow the kids to write their names all over the walls and floors so that was neat. We saw some familiar names and I have no doubt they will enjoy being grafitti artists themselves.

The house is very quiet right now and I should make some "work sounds". Have a great weekend!

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