Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here he is posing with my nephew. The nametag on his shirt says "Daddy".
This is a band I think he doesn't play with anymore...but I never really know for sure.

Another Tag

I almost always get tagged, it's because I can't run fast. heehee. This one comes from Mia. She wants to know more about everyone's hubby. She's nosy like that. heehee. The jokes, they are bad.

10 Things You May Not Know About My Husband

  1. He trains all the drivers that deliver mail in our fair city. Consequently, I always feel like I am being tested when I drive with him. This is because I AM!! And so are you if he is driving behind you/riding with you. It's a curse and he can't turn it off. He does keep the performance review to himself if you are not a potential USPS employee. (usually)

  2. He is a drummer in a fluctuating number of bands-usually 2 but sometimes as many as 5.

  3. He loves kitty cats-except for Gray Gray(AKA-kitten factory).

  4. He loves history, historical movies and documentaries.

  5. He hates to read-unless it is a magazine. It hurts his feelings a little when I read. He's learning to cope after 14 years living with an AVID, sometimes RABID reader.

  6. His brain is full to overflowing with trivia about music, cars, and movies. "He could change the world with the knowledge he knows."

  7. He cried with me at the births of all 3 of our children. They were the three most bonding moments of our marriage.

  8. He wanted more children-as in alot more. I simply could not-each child kept wanting out early and it scared me. Plus, I am hopelessly outnumbered as it is.

  9. He loves cardinal baseball and hot wheels. After anything-with-a-motor and drumming, these are his favorite hobbies

  10. He is extremely intelligent-but does not consider himself to be so. It is one of his cutest features. (His dimples that make my knees go weak are pretty cute too.)

Yep, he is pretty awesome. I love him. I used to wish he was perfect, but then it dawned on me that if he were-he probably would not be able to tolerate me!! He is a great dad and hubby. I am blessed.


Amy said...

(His dimples that make my knees go weak are pretty cute too.)

That is very sweet, Janice!:)

Sounds like you are blessed indeed.

God Bless,

Mia said...

He's in a band!! What a chick magnet! "If I knew nothing else about him that would be enough"-from A Knights Tale. Thanks for playing : )

Jason said...

So nice to know a little bit more about your great guy!