Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Grocery Game helped me get these for $0.83 a box. ($10 of that is in the form of a rebate- but I will get $11 because I have a reloadable card-so I had to pay $15.97 up front.) I would have missed it because the rebate was slightly buried in with a whole bunch of other products. So far after 2 weeks this has been the only deal they have alerted me to that I was interested in/hadn't already responded to without the aid of the list. The odds of me going beyond the $1 trial are not looking good.

I wonder what Jason does in the summer without interoffice mail?

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Jason said...

Oh, this was your BEST POST EVER!!! If the Grocery Game doesn't work out for you, well, at least you gave it a try and at least you got all of these lovely feminine products for such a great price!

You made my day, Janjan.