Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This morning finds us at our favorite haunt- the library. Today, we have hit the jackpot. There is a water show which is a guitar player who does magic and uses water. Right after that is the reading/listening library and if we stuck around long enough we could even do art. We aren't though, we are going to the mall after storytime.

We have also discovered there is a DISCOUNT MOVIE PLACE. WAHOO! No guarantees we are going, but good info to have.

Last night Lilly got to go on a mini-spending spree at Justice-the place for girls. My, my, it certainly was. She got an outfit for only $27. My stomach aches and I am a bit shaky today. Sure it was her money that she was spending. Sure, it could've been worse. However, I have found that the greater the amount spent on an outfit-the higher the odds of unwashable stains. She has a little orange skort that has been worn 4 times and now has a big ketchup glob on it. We bought it new in Ohio. Our yard sale clothes hardly ever get stained. What's up with that??

The older girls do realize just how expensive that is and they were doing the math figuring up just how much more they could buy at sales, consignment and yard sales. I may raise thrifty children yet!! I am sure at least one will rebel-but they will all know the value of money and how to give a good money lecture.

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hulagirlatheart said...

Ah, mom. Every girl needs a "splurge" outfit every now and then. And sometimes it's still worth it after we spill ketchup on it.