Sunday, June 01, 2008

7th Inning Stretch

2 More Days and one night until I return to my bed and my routines. (I miss you, honey!) It has been a really good visit. Erik's sister, Marla and her husband Daryl, are really great hosts. Last night was Alyssa's graduation party and it was very fun. Most importantly-she had a good time. There was a collective ton of food-all very tasty. I have had no trouble sticking to the diet forever plan. I am very plateau-ed though at minus 15 lbs and that is very frustrating. Can't seem to drop any more this week. It probably has alot to do with being out of routine.

As soon as we get back, we begin readying the older girls for camp. It is coming up quickly. I am looking forward to letting those older birds fly and enjoying a week with my 6 year old who is rapidly approaching 7. All the girls get a year older this summer.

That reminds me, birthday season is in full swing. I am usually much more prepared for this!

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Jason said...

I have a birthday season, too, starting in September. It is HARD!