Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

Hula girl gave me this award. The people I am passing it on to are some major soul sisters for me. They are real life friends. We go to church together and I get to see them often. They almost know me as well as I know myself and yet they still continue to talk to me and bestow their gift of friendship upon me. (Mia, you would have been in there but Hula got you.) They hug me when it's been a tough week. We don't have to lay all of the groundwork of a conversation-we can just jump right in there. Thanks, Ladies. I am blessed to have such excellent friends.

Sara M. Steph R. Sandy

I would also be remiss if I did not bestow some long distance friends with this award. They are soul sisters of another variety-they give me cyberhugs which are not the real thing-but close!

Steph S. Jacinda Summer JettyBetty (AKA-Hawaiian Honey)

Really, every blog I read deserves this award and I feel like I should link all the blogs I read. But then you would know how many blogs I follow now thanks to the magic of google reader and that would just be embarrassing!! Just know-if I read you, and I comment when I read-not often but enough for you to know I am out there-you definitely made the excellent cut in my book.


~ Stephanie. said...

awwww shucks...I think we're all pretty FAB!

summer said...

thanks!! it hard to believe with my posts as sparce as they have been, you would have even thought to put me. thanks. love you guys!