Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Oldest "Daughter"
(This is a picture from last June-the beginning of our roller coaster ride.)

Chock-full-of-love. That's what my day has been. Or something like that. I am gradually becoming less resentful of the fact that my life is REALLY not my own anymore. I am fully surrendered to other people right now. I just keep telling myself God calls us to be humble servants. I don't know about humble-I've always struggled with what that means-but I am definitely fulfilling the servant part.

Today, because I was different, the day was different. I enjoyed spending the day with my mom. She had a doctor's appointment today and Erik was also off from work. The kids got a much earned day off from sitting in a doctor's office. (Sorry girls-there are many more in your future!!) So, for today it was just the two of us. I went over early, helped her get a shower, changed her dressing, helped her get dressed, sorted out her medicine, and then headed off to the doc. I truly felt like the mom all day long. I dropped her off at the door at the doctor and then went to park ( a handicapped tag would really be nice on these days, I may need to look into it!). By the time I got back inside she had rolled on to her dr. appt. The only problem was, I did not know where it was. So I walked all around the building and then finally found it. She was smiling and laughing because she had seen me walk by and knew I had been roaming around lost. We get called back soon after that and spend less than 5 minutes being told, "It looks good, see you in four weeks." All that work for such a pitiful visit. I wonder what the actual hourly rate of a doctor is? 5 minutes per patient must shake down to alot of money hourly.

Next stop, K-mart. Mom wanted curtains and some much needed new clothing. We find exactly the curtains she wants. To cover 1 and a 1/2 windows. I hate K-mart. It never has anything!! At least not exactly. She did get some cute new summer shirts and some jean capris. I am glad it is finally good weather so she doesn't have to feel so odd about wearing shorts all the time. We saw some people she knew and she was just so happy to be out. And, just like a toddler-she kept getting away from me and since all the racks were taller than her in her wheelchair, I spent most of the visit hunting for her. We argued over what size to buy in the middle of the store:

"I'm telling you it's too big!!"

"Mom, I bought the shirt you are wearing now and it still fits you. Get a size larger than what you wear please. Just trust me, they shrink!!"

"No, I won't do it, it's too big."

"Then you can get it some other day, I won't let you buy it. Have Pam bring you and you can buy clothes that won't fit. The whole reason we are here buying shirts is because you have a closet full of shirts that are too small after you washed them."

"Fine, get it then."

Alrightythen. Lots of mom and tot moments. I was laughing (in my head) at the irony of it all most of the day.

Then we got some lunch at the drive-thru to eat on the way home. Then she decided we would clean out her closet and get rid of the things that don't fit/aren't wanted when we got back to her house. So we did that. I emptied out the entire closet and then hung only the things she wanted/could wear. The rest we bagged up for a yard sale her church is having for a needy family. She was dozing in her wheelchair and I had to wake her up as we were finishing the closet chore. As soon as her bed was cleared off, I put my little girl down for a nap and went home.

Roles are almost completely reversing, y'all. I hope I am a cool "mom".


hulagirlatheart said...

Sometimes you will be cool. Other times you will have to put your foot down, and you will get the eye roll. Look at it this way. It's good practice for the teen years that are just ahead.:)

Amy said...

It sounds like you are the "coolest" to me........

And I hate K-Mart too....They have
too much of everything, but not enough of anything.:)

God Bless,

~ Stephanie. said...

Don't apologize to your girls - they may hate the "boring" stuff now, but you are teaching them life lessons about serving that will stay with them always! I'm really glad to hear you had a good day - I'm proud of you for what you are doing!

thruchildeyes said...

It feels so nice to go through your closet - let alone someone elses! Good job.