Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday-A New Beginning

This week is full of promise. We have lots of good things happening, and also some not as good things...

  • We finish co-op on Wednesday. AND, have our grand finale get-together. It has been a great year. I have enjoyed teaching my boys this year. Their behavior was amazing at the beginning of the year. Then, either something about me changed or we all got much more comfortable- we slid into some much more typical behavior. This is not to say they were ever poorly behaved-they were certainly always well behaved. There just have been alot more trips to the bathroom, desperate cries for water fountain visits and late homework. Oh well, we are all caught up now and this week will be the END! I will miss it and so will my girls and if it proves that we must go back...I don't think we burned any bridges.
  • My mother and I simply don't get along well. I love her and I have no doubt that she loves me too-but we just can't spend large hunks of time together. And I have been guilted into large hunks of time. No more. Small hunks it is from now on. She basically takes an opposing viewpoint to ANYTHING I say. I want to be there for my mom, but someone so determined to battle with me doesn't get the privilege of monopolizing my time.
  • The diet/lifestyle forever plan is going very well. The hardest times are things like yesterday when I had no time for breakfast, an outing at church with PIZZA that I was only able to eat the toppings off of(toppings off of two pieces of pizza is not filling at all) and then having to wait even longer to have supper. Meals can't be too close together. However, it is working and I am training my mind and body that this is forever. Most days it isn't hard at all-but some days I just cannot plan for and that is frustrating! My scales showed a total loss of 10 pounds now and that is enough to keep me encouraged for a long time. Ten more pounds and people will probably start noticing. (I love/hate that part.)
  • I picked out several books at the library and I am enjoying getting back to some reading. Please recommend any "must reads" (Except you Jason-I have printed out your list and it should hold me over for the summer!!) in the comments!! By must read, I mean you would give it 4 or 5 stars. I don't like smut or horror, so take that into account as well. I used to love Stephen King and I have read every old book he ever wrote-but something changed in me when I had children, I've never looked back and sold my EXTENSIVE SKing library.
  • I can't wait for an unstructured summer!!
  • We have kittens that are 1 week old now, eyes are mostly open. I love kittens. We are not keeping any so keep us in mind if you need one. We will find them homes and then, I WILL get Gray Gray fixed even if it makes hubby mad. Hopefully it won't but I am done with little cute balls of fur we can't keep because we already have two cats.
  • Have a wonderful Monday and count your blessings that you are not taking an elderly parent to the doctor in a neighboring town for a toe nail trim this afternoon. If that doesn't make you feel lucky in life-nothing will.


hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! I know exactly which "neighborhing town" you get the toenail trims. We go there, too. LOL. Hubby took both parents to the doctor today. Coming soon...the eye doctor. Congratulations on the 10 pounds!!!

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

A tip for helping to fill you up....keep a jug of almonds in your car and pop a handful in when you're hungry!!! I go through jugs of almonds when carpooling!!!

some of my favorite authors are Jodi Picoult, Sheri Reynolds, Jane smut, no horror...dont like them either!!

Heather the stalker/real life friend said...

10 POUNDS! That's great, Jan!! I am soo happy for you. I have been going back to step class, it has helped..of course the illness E and I had helped me drop 10. Not the way I wanted.
I totally am happy for you. Keep it up!!!
I need to come visit. What are you doing Friday?
Ok....I have to talk about the kittens too.
Love ya girl!