Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane
(Sure to make me lose my mind!)

I spent my blog time reading and not writing. Most of what is milling about in my brain would cause a ruckus if I put it to "paper" anyway. My time lately is either spent doing 1200 things in a day OR wandering aimlessly and accomplishing nothing-shellshocked and dazed. Today, I read a book, took a nap and then read blogs after the church festivities. Sure, nothing was accomplished but it was nice minus the kid bickering which eventually halted. (We were all a bit edgy after the weather forced our church to move the picnic outing we were supposed to have to the indoors! We had freezing rain today-UGH!)

Tomorrow, I am helping my mother host her preacher for supper so I will be gone most of the day. He is a really nice man and his wife has sent my mom no fewer than 20 cards. They have been a real blessing to her (and us).

Looks like another week full 'o fun as I spy the week's activities. Yahoo, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. It will be fun, for the most part, I just get a little overwhelmed thinking about all that is crammed into my weeks lately. I'm spoiled to the slow lane, what can I say?

PS-I have lost five pounds!!!! I can tell it too, my bra is getting looser!


Mama Mia said...

"PS-I have lost five pounds!!!! I can tell it too, my bra is getting looser!"
The twins are ALWAYS the first to go....

hulagirlatheart said...

Congratulations on the five pounds! And hang in there. The roller coaster will even day. At least it will be easier to take once the warm weather arrives.