Thursday, February 07, 2008


Two hospitals today in two different albeit neighboring cities. No fun for anyone. My mom underwent a routine angiogram which concluded with a routine outpatient surgery procedure. However, with Mom's medical issues, it makes everything more complicated. She has severe diabetes, heart disease (congestive heart failure) and damaged kidneys. We all brace ourselves pretty much all the time. My mom is still young at 64 and it is very depressing to her to deal with all of this. Today, though, she was great. Good attitude, quick bounce back time and she is still in good spirits. Most of that is because the staff at L. hospital is so loving and caring. I was there almost all day and they are just so kind. You can tell they love their jobs. What a blessing. She even has doctors that are caring and don't talk down to their patients.

Next hospital is a little country hospital in M.C. I considered popping in on you Philip and Sara, but it had been a very long day! My step dad will probably be there for quite a few more days. Since he is 20 years older than my mom, he is not a spring chicken at 84 but he is made of scrap iron so we anticipate a full recovery. I tried to help him to his chair the other day and found myself merely drug behind him. For only having one side functioning right now, he can still move pretty quickly.

In the TMI category. One should always look away and stay looking away until people in hospital gowns are fully in the bed and all covered up before looking back. Undergarments are apparently prohibited in hospitals. (I strongly disagree with this policy!) I have been flashed by both my mom and my stepdad today because I looked back 1 second too soon. Age is not kind to the nether regions my friends. :shudder:


hulagirlatheart said...

Yeah, I got a couple of peeks at Mama J. last week when she was in the hospital. It made me strongly consider a future boob lift even though I'm no fan of plastic surgery.

Mama Mia said...

I play fashion designer when I am in the hospital. One gown for the front and one in reverse like a housecoat for the back. A girls gotta keep it all covered ya know!!

thruchildeyes said...

Stop by anytime, just don't expect a clean house! We weren't here yesterday anyway, though, it's our last week before Randi comes home.