Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Haircut and Stuff

It has sure been a full day. I knew it would be. Yesterday was too. Got alot accomplished. I will sleep well when that time comes. Tomorrow is a full day as well. Fun times.

I have made some decisions about my life. I am a pessimist-but I prefer to call it being a realist. All pessimists do. As such, I am hardest on myself but also pretty hard on others. Especially those I share a household with. As the girls get older, I am just terrified every day of the impact that is having on them. Sure I give lots of praise and rewards and affection-but is it balanced?? I like to think it is but I will no longer be merely "hopeful" about it. From now on, I will intentionally spend extra time making sure they know how loved and accepted they are on an INDIVIDUAL basis. I tend to lecture and praise as a group and I think this has been a bad thing. I am bringing back the bedtime "stories" and prayers. It may not be stories-but it will be individual time. I don't recall why we stopped but we did.

I am also going to schedule a time once a week to visit my mom. Her health continues to decline and this is something I should have been doing all along. Today I was just going to spend a couple of hours with her and she latched onto me with all 8 arms. It's because I never visit. That just isn't fair nor is it honoring her. I don't visit my dad much either-I will work on that too.

While I consider our family homelife to be pretty good, it centers way too much on TV. We do have sit down meals together every night (me and the girls most every meal) and exceptions to that are few and far between. However, beyond that, there is mostly watching TV together. I am just not OK with that. We own 10,000 games and by golly we are gonna put some wear on them.

These are my Lent changes. I thought very hard about what to give up and decided I needed to make changes more than I needed to give something up. I hope that honors God in the same way a sacrifice would. I also plan to make those forever changes-not just for Lent-but Lent is the catalyst.

Tonight, after a long hard day, I went to the bathroom and pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I pulled the holder down real far, about 4 inches from the end of my hair. Then I got my SPECIAL sharp scissors and cut my hair. I can't find a mirror, so I'm hoping for the best.(A hand held mirror to see the back!) I grew it out as long as I could stand to-but I hate my hair long. It annoys me and it looks stringy. Soon I will be getting it colored and he can trim up my mistakes. Curly hair is very forgiving, so I am not too worried. I feel like a new woman. It is still shouder length in the front so it is all good. Those of you who know me well know this is nothing new. It had been too long since I had snipped. Tension breaker-had to be done.


Jason said...

I'm sure God will accept your version of the Lent sacrifice. No worries there.

But what does worry me a bit is. . .you couldn't find a mirror?

janjanmom said...

A hand held mirror-to see the back. hee hee. No mirror at all would be really interesting.