Monday, February 18, 2008


  • It may be surprising, but I do not like change. I guess I should say I like gradual changes-crave them, in fact- but not fast paced changes. Like going from my nice comfortable "old shoe" mini-van to my dad's big truck. This will be an adjustment for me. The girls will love it. It will challenge me.
  • We hung around the house all day today waiting for an insurance adjuster that never planned on coming. I just wonder how long this whole song and dance is going to take. I am also hoping all of my nerves don't snap at once. I'm not impressed with Farm Bureau yet, but I hope they surprise me with excellent service.
  • Mom got moved to the physical rehab floor today. She is doing a nervous dance for the changes she will face in the morning. They work with her all day and we can't see her until after 4:30. She is going to be very tired. The rehab will last two weeks and will equip her on how to get around independently. It will be a whole new world for her. We have tried to promote her independence-but we still did alot for her. She will dance to a whole new song on this floor.
  • "Aunt Flo" is making up for skipping a visit last month. I'm just doing a happy dance counting my blessings and longing for something more absorbant than super plus.
  • Erik and I really did some super cleaning today. Our house is clean but in about 24 hours it will be right back where we started from. Tis the cleaning dance. Similar to the laundry dance.
  • When it's time to sit it out or dance...I suppose I always choose to dance. However, I am dancing as fast as I can and I don't even know the minuet!


Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

oh my!!!! You and my friend Michelle have entirely too much going on!!! Glad your hubby is safe and you at least have a car/truck to borrow!!!

I had a run in with a snow bank last week, completely smooshed my wiper fluid thingy and a few other non-essentials, and still haven't managed to get it in for fixin' .....can't go without my van.....will have to wait for next week when I can't drive after surgery!!!

Jacinda said...

I hate to break it to you, but we use Farm Bureau and are very displeased with their customer service. *sorry* We should change but I blame it on laziness on our part. I hope you have a better experience.

hulagirlatheart said...

You had the unfortunate luck to have a wreck when a gazillion other people are filing claims for ice damage. I hope it does't take too long. Normally, when a conga line swings by me, I grab on and dance like there's no tomorrow, but I'll sit out the laundry, flow and cleaning dances, thanks. Doesn't sound like much fun. I hope it gets better for you soon.

Mama Mia said...

Forget the minuet!!! Try the Cabbage Patch, The Robot, The Worm....oh I could go on and on. I am so sorry your hubby had a run in with Bambi! I love your van hope it is rolling soon.....