Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Okay, now I am reading Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott, another long recommended book. I hope it is as impactful as the last one.

Yesterday, Erik and I worked together to get the wall in our dining room finished. Now we have only trim to contend with. Erik and I have decided to spend a bit more time and energy on our house and finishing some projects that need to be taken care of. I can't help but think getting some of our huge clutter out has paved the way to actually noticing that we could make our house look very nice. I have started alot of projects only to find that they require skills that I do not have. It is frustrating to discover I have to have help to finish, especially for Erik who never agreed to do the project in the first place. So anyway...baby steps to making it better.

In between poring over Blue Like Jazz and getting ready for co-op tomorrow, I am boxing up things to deliver to charity. Multi-tasker, extraordinaire. Doing many tasks take the pressure of finishing a task...heehee.

Have a productive Tuesday!!

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