Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ministry Fair-Almost Here!!

Proof that Rudy rules? Jason and I both like him. (He isn't Jason's first pick but he said he LIKED him.) If Ami likes him too, we may have a special candidate that can bring the most unlikely of people together-kind of like blogging.

His 12 CORE ISSUES!!! (That he will keep in front of him at all times.)

BY THE WAY...I do not agree with Rudy on a lot of personal issues, especially religious ones. I am very opposed to abortion, but I also don't think you can legislate morality. Murder is against the law-that law does not prevent it from happening. OF course, doctors aren't out there performing murders either. I hate abortion and think it is pure evil. The mom and child are both victims(And the docs too, for that matter) and I shudder to think of all the awesome people who were not given a shot at making this world better. I digress and really don't want to debate that!! He does support civil unions which I think is a great compromise on the gay marriage debate. I don't think most homosexuals want a religious marriage-they just want laws that protect their unions in the same way marriage does for straight people...my personal opinion which, since I am straight and married doesn't count for alot here. I also think his personal life has been a bit of a mess, HOWEVER, he is a GREAT leader. He runs things well, does what is best for the MOST people and I think he would be a great representative for our country. He will be tough on defense and illegal immigration. He will balance our national budget and work to reduce handouts. He believes in SMALLER government and more STATE RIGHTS, YAHOO!!!!! Can you tell I like him??

Ministry Fair
I am having so much fun micro-managing and planning out every detail of this ministry fair. It is kind of funny that this project, designed to help people find their "gifts" and also get them to step up and serve-has helped me narrow down where I should step in and serve. This week, I am trying to pray specifically and aloud for God to bless this endeavor. I think it has the potential to be a true church "uniter". I am so glad someone casually mentioned this idea in my presence a few months ago. I don't think it was an accident that a CERTIFIED Project Hog(ME) just so happened to be on the listening end!!

It all comes down this Sunday. If you are a prayer warrior, please lift us up!


Jason said...

I'm so happy that we have found some common political ground!

Now, Ami? Ami? Where are you?

Who are you voting for, Ami?

Do you like Rudy, too?

Ami said...

I don't know yet who I will vote for. Actually, a more accurate statement would be, "I don't know yet which candidates I will vote against."

I don't like Hilary. I don't like Obama. Past that, I am not ready to decide.

Besides, they all lie to get in office, and not one of them has a clue how most people live. I don't have a lot of respect for politicians, as most of them are bottom feeders.