Sunday, January 06, 2008

I Didn't Want To Need You...

Thanks for thinking I'm funny. Let me be your clown. I think those nice comments (it's not too late to pipe in) and my good friend's TREE analogy are going to get me through the week. I would tell you the analogy-but it is better to have someone say it of me than to have me repeat it. Let's just say she compared me to a tree in a very lovely way and she now is my BFF. Just kidding-I don't have B FFs, just FFs. (More middle school speak for you.)

We hosted CARE group today and it was so wonderful to have ALL of our members present. (WELCOME HOME!!!!!) It was alot of fun and almost every crumb of food was eaten which makes me wish there had been more, but there was enough and that is really all we need, right?? IT was a VERY tough lesson today. We went around the group and said what we see each person's strengths and assets are. IT went down like this, sit in your spot while everyone says really nice things about you. I was so uncomfortable. I was wishing I were completely covered up with only a peep-hole to look out. Why am I like that? I can handle nice comments on here-but live and in person they just make me want to crawl under the nearest table. As I sat there and resisted the urge to say, "Hah! That shows how well you know me." to all the nice things everyone was saying, I realized if everyone there was bashing me, I think I would have felt more comfortable. How sad and pathetic is that??

I guess I better save up for another round of therapy.

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thruchildeyes said...

You know we would have been there if we'd had to get up at 5 to do it. And I thought the comments about you were right on target. Passionate, authentic, honest, caring. We're so blessed to have you.