Tuesday, January 08, 2008


BIG TIME!! I am NOT a Hilary fan. AT ALL. I said I hope she wins the primary and since I am a democrat on paper, I will vote for her in the PRIMARY. This is because I think she has absolutely NO SHOT at winning the actual election. Zero. Zip. Nada. And that will mean a REPUBLICAN in the White House, YEAH!! I am conservative republican all the way-however, the pro-life republicans are soft on everything else(like taxes, immigration and lobbies)-so Rudy looks good to me.

Apparently, my tongue-in-cheek was lost on even my closest of friends. I apologize!! And, I apologize to any Hilary fans I might have offended. I haven't forgotten that she and Bill tried to steal White House furniture...and then returned it when confronted. They are the most crooked politicians IN THE WORLD. Scandal surrounds them and always has.


Ami said...

I caught that you didn't really want Hilary! to win.

I don't like her either. My distaste is based on many different things.

Scary woman.


Jacinda said...

I admit I spent a tad of time trying to figure out what you meant. I finally figured out that you wanted Hilary to win the primary just so that she could be beat in the "real" election! Is that right?!?

Jason said...

That's funny that your friends thought you were Hilary fan! I knew what you meant. You sarcastic little janjan, you.

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

I figured it out!!!!!


Oh, and I love your cereal bx!!!!