Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Day!

Today is the day that I get to go and officially give my opinion on who the best leaders in my neck of the woods. I am always delighted to do so. I take my children with me and they get a long lecture about how important it is that we all do this. I used to let them push the button when I was done but...let's just say one year I don't think I voted for all the elections as my button got pushed a bit premature. By the way, if that ever happens to you, there is no recourse.

So we will head out soon for the booths where the workers there know me. (Probably because I bring my kids and the aforementioned "incident".) I come out for all the elections, even the little ones where there is no line. I feel like today there will be a line. We here in KY are electing a new governor. I have a very strong preference. One of them reminds me of a guy who would sell me a used car with no brakes and a strong assurance of how good it would be for our family. He even talks like a slick dishonest used car salesman. He also assures me his father, a baptist preacher long gone on to glory, would want casinos in our state and would ask for help to learn how to play. Now I personally am not offended by gambling. It ranks right up there with drinking-if you can't stop, don't do it! However, a baptist preacher who preached in the 40s and 50s would NEVER pull the lever on a slot machine. Was this a slanderous commercial where I heard him speak this? No, it was while my hubby played music at the labor day function. He bragged about how much his dad would have loved a casino. HOGWASH!

Sorry, I went off on a little tangent. So anyhoo, even if you don't agree with me on who the best candidates are, please vote!! It is one of our most precious freedoms and many people died to give you the right to vote.

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