Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Countdown...
I apologize in advance to Hula Girl, this post will be filled with Christmas no more until after Thanksgiving. This is also true for anyone else who thinks all Christmas things should not start until Nov 23.
I used to be in that camp, that each holiday should get it's own "time". However, since our Christmas shopping list is sooooooo long, concessions must be made. If shopping did not start about October 1, we would not be able to get it all done. I push and push for a smaller list through drawing names, but one side of the family is very stubborn.
All of that to say, shopping is going very well. I am pleased with my progress. I have only a handful of names left to buy for. Tonight, I had to buy gift wrap because I did not buy that kind of stuff the day after Christmas last year. It was very foolish. I had to pay full price, OUCH! The same mstake will not be made this year. I bought only enough to get me through this year. I am going to look into recycling it this year. I feel a bit guilty about all the wrap that gets torn and thrown away-but I love unwrapping presents too. That brings me to my post reflection of the day.
It is cracking me up, all the recycling going on these days. This along with the price for "vintage" items which are not vintage at all, they were around when I was a kid and I'm not that old!!!Growing up, saving everything to reuse meant you were poor or alive during the depression. Those depression survivors were minimalists who reused everything until it could be used no more. Quilts were made out of scrap, afghans were crocheted-so were coats, scarves, and hats. I had to wear those growing up because people who loved me made them and we were not to hurt feelings. Also, sock monkeys, the ugliest stuffed animals in the whole entire world were made as "toys" for us little ones. Now, if you are anywhere near my age and grew up in the loving care of those who stitched egg cartons together to make trash cans (procured from other people who, *gasp* ,bought eggs at the store), crocheted dolls to cover air freshers, "cozies" for toilet paper and kleenex boxes, you too are struggling with this new *hip* trend.
I nearly died when ponchos re-surfaced. Oh my, To pay homage to Barbara Mandrell, "I was country when country wasn't cool.". (That is grammatically correct, even if it does look very bad!) It was tough to see it come around again. I am now forced to see the comeback of knitted and crocheted hats with balls on top and yes, the funky monkey made of socks. That monkey is all over-totally hip, new and cool. I wish I could sell my "vintage" one on ebay, but I fear it bit the dust long ago. By the way, I "blingo'ed" egg carton trashcans and did not get a single image. I will be stitching some together for Christmas presents. Please save me all your cartons-the plastic ones look the "hippest" but any cartons will do. Get me your orders now. I'm gonna be rich rich rich!
BTW, Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post. While I don't feel "popular", I feel like I am surrounded by good supportive friends and I choose that over popular any day of the week!!

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Mama Mia said...

you forgot my personal fav/peeve the big floppy hat made of sides of budweiser cans and crocheted together...
from a former poncho wearer