Sunday, November 04, 2007

All I Can Say Is WOW!

  • Okay, you know I can and will say more. I always do. However, wow is a beginning to the way I feel about the weekend. Bullets will have to tell all right now.
  • The teens in our youth group are awesome and unscary. The other youth groups seemed pretty neat and unscary as well.
  • Rooming with a baby that does not sleep will make me really drag and not be alot of fun to be around. Even at a super energized youth rally. It will also make me think and think until I find a solution to get mom with babies her own "room" because two nights without sleep are beyond very dangerous. It worked and today, after a night of sleep, I felt much renewed.
  • Viral pink-eye cleared up as soon as antibiotic eyedrops were discontinued. PRAISE THE LORD!
  • I think the messages of this weekend were way over the heads of alot of the teens in attendance, but I hope I am wrong. It was definitely over my daughter's head but she still had fun and hopefully a little kernel or two of info made its way into her brain.
  • It was not over my head at all and the things we heard were excellent challenges for all Christians. The speaker last night and today was the most impactful to me. He was funny but very very real. He basically boiled his message down to this, as a Christian I should: be fearless 'cause the worst that can happen is I will die and be with Christ, I'm not perfect and I'm not gonna be, other Christians won't be either-stop expecting it, God commands me to share the message of Christ by helping and loving people, I am commanded to do good even if I don't "feel" like it, God is unpredictable in every way-I can't begin to see things from His perspective, the devil will attempt to destroy me and my witness every minute of every day but Christ is right there "counter-moving" on my behalf, I am to be an encourager of Christians- but my focus is on reaching the lost. Tall order-Big challenges.
  • Today we celebrated my mom's birthday. It was a fun day. Fish fry at my sister's house. I love my husband for waiting on my mom. He did not make a big deal of it, but he did it and it was awesome. He's never been more attractive to me.
  • We are doing "Chinese auction" at Christmas with my side of the family. Each person will bring a $1 gift and I could not be happier!! I have hated the excess of Christmas for a long long time. This is a step in the right direction.

Tomorrow, I will no longer be on the mountaintop of this weekend. My prayer is that God has orchestrated a "heart transplant" in my life and the lives of others who heard the message this weekend. I want make slow permanent changes that help an imperfect person like me grow God's kingdom. Thank you God for being so patient with me.

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Dorky Dad said...

I've got my family AND my wife's family here for Christmas, on the same day. We're doing white elephant, 'cuz otherwise it would be WEIRD.