Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Upon joining co-op, I was dismayed to find that I had to plan a syllabus for the year. I thought it was ridiculous. It was also very time-consuming as I had to sit down with the textbook and plan the year out. I had to decide which topics would have to be left out, how long we would spend on them, etc. Harder than pulling my own teeth. One class I could not do as it was grammar/writing. I could only plan five weeks for that class because I did not know the skill level of the kids I would be teaching.

Fast forward 10 weeks. I not only love my syllabus but I marvel at how much time it saves me to pull up that document and tweak it, print it, and I'm done. I LOVE IT! The class without a syllabus is harder because I still haven't made a long term one. Planning is good. Planning makes life easier.

Yesterday, I did sit down and write up a menu for the rest of this week. IT ROCKS! Already, the hubby and kids are looking at it and ASKING TO HELP. Oh my! A fringe benefit I had not expected. Cream of wheat is cooking and I had nothing to do with it.

Today, I will try this whole planning thing on household chores. It is important to point out that I used to read FLYLADY on a regular basis. It did not help me because it was too much, too much change too quick. I am seeing the wisdom of slow changes. They last. Now I am ready to plan more and do more. Better late than never.

I am hoping the hubs and I can get back to budgeting. Dave Ramsey has helped us alot-but again there is the too much change too quick thing. We will NEVER have "gazelle-like intensity". We do manage "lazy housecat intensity" and that will have to do!

So, I now consider myself a planner. I love it and it is worth it. This is added to the growing collection of ways co-op has changed my life for good. Go Sandy!


Sandy said...

You know, I get both the blame and the credit for things that I had very little to do with:-) Our co-op was based on one Marcia was part of in New Jersey which was very large and highly structured. We used that as our model and the syallbus requirement has worked well for us too. The NJ co-op actually requires a complete syllabus several weeks before the new term and we ditched that. So be happy- it could always be worse :-)

I'm glad the planning is working for you though. That's how I stay up on things now. We have a math "menu" taped to our refrigerator door with every child's assignments for the entire month. Keeps us honest!

Mama Mia said...

I am jealous of your menu plan....and your cheese biscuits are YUMMY!!