Monday, October 08, 2007

Fall camping!

We went camping! Primitively, as in tent camping, at a campsite with bathhouses. It was an entire day of packing Saturday while hubby was at work and then we set out shortly after he got home. We could not have squeezed any more into the van if our lives depended on it. My comforting thought was that we would come home with less. Lots of food would be consumed and the coolers would not be so heavy.

Toby went along with us and while I know he loved it, next time he gets the kennel. He was a great camper, but there were complications with him. Toby loves to bike ride and I was the one that got to stay back with him or walk him behind the riders. He wimpered and cried the whole time. He went on one bike ride with us but we got in trouble because he was off his leash to do so. I understand the rule. I just think Toby is such an exceptional dog, he could totally be leash free and he would make lots of friends, as long as no one steps on our campsite. He was very protective of the campsite.(second drawback) We also did not get to take advantage of some of the free programs offered this weekend.(huge bummer for me, "YEAH TOBY" from Erik).

We did go to the "rock place" we visited last week. It was equally fun this visit. Fairy houses and boats were made. Crawfish unearthed. Pictures made. Erik napped. I birdwatched. Rocks were climbed on. Fish skulls were crunched.(Toby) Toby swam and ran free. He ran like crazy and pooped on the boat launch. He also made friends with a biker couple and scored some chicken livers. He then decided to be their dog forever and would not come to us. In fact, he crawled under their table and would not even look at us, hoping we would grow weary and leave him to his new family. The biker lady helped me by luring him out with a ghastly fried poultry organ so I could put him back on the leash. He hung his head in mourning.

We camped 2 nights and two days and we headed homeward after breakfast this morning. This gave us time to take care of business like ebay auctions, paying for a youth trip, and a chiropractor trip for Erik(the joys of camping).

Hope you enjoyed your Columbus day long weekend as much as we did!


Sandy said...

Sounds like you had fun! I bet you got hot this weekend- who would believe this is OCTOBER?! If there was a bathhouse anywhere in the vicinity, that would not qualify as primitive for my guys, but we must think alike... anything that involves a tent and a hike to a potty is primitive enough!

Ami said...

It's a good time of year to go, since everyone else is already in school. I love having places to myself.

I'm a little envious, it's too chilly here for me to consider camping right now.

thruchildeyes said...

Yeah! Let's go together next year. Well, with this crazy weather maybe it will always be camping season. Wouldn't that be great? I'm glad it was a successful outing.

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

dogs, gotta love 'em!!!