Saturday, September 29, 2007

When The Cat's Away...

...the mice will play. We have certainly gotten into much while hubby has been entertaining the world with his drumming and managing the stage of a huge festival. We have:

*Had a yard sale to raise money for our new club.

*Perused huge festival and died from enbarrassment as we were pointed out to the crowd.

*Watched a HUGE steamboat(The American Queen" loose itself from the "dock" of a really cool city.

*Had friends spend the night so their Momma could go get a recharge at a church ladie's retreat.

*Packed up that yard sale and donated the leftovers.

*Went yard saling ourselves, found nice bargains.

*Looked at all the critters at the nature center and petted a snake.

*Studied all things monarch butterflies at LBL. This includes a presentation, catching, tagging & releasing. Erika caught 3, Lilly 1, Kayla 0 and I caught a very large orb weaver and I still don't know how. I just looked down and there he was. YIKES!

*Explored and climbed on rocks and campsites at LBL. We also have plotted and schemed on how to get Dad interested in camping again. We will try begging and pleading and then bribery because we love camping.

*Saw lots of elk, much closer than we ever had before.

*Saw many many deer on the roadsides.

*Had ice cream cones and then became "So Cool".

It has been glorious marvelous fun without timetables. I have still missed him though. It all would have been more fun with him. Tomorrow will be another busy day but we will all be together again.

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Ami said...

You have a beautiful family.
And I'm jealous of all the activities you've been doing!!