Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Time and words can never be recalled."

This is such a tragedy in my world where so many of my words really need to be recalled and deleted. I just wish I could say this naturally leads to me being more reserved with what I say, but it doesn't. I have been a chatterer since I learned to talk. Long pauses and quiet spells make me nervous to "fill them up". This is very unfortunate at times.

I also sometimes get more task- oriented than people-oriented. Trying to get something done my way instead of just allowing things to evolve the way they should. OR worse, being more concerned about doing it my way than building and preserving relationships.

I know God created me to be the way I am. I don't curse myself for being a talker, or for always seeking the "best" way. I just know God's way always values loving one another and I am just not always a very loving person.

A member of my new club has quit because she says it is too much of a commitment, but I know it is because I spoke very ill to her when she did not have her monthly meeting planned out soon enough to suit me. I apologized and that is all I can do. I accept that but it really stinks! I don't think I even stopped to consider how I was coming across.

"Time and words can never be recalled." Very unfortunate indeed.

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Teacher Mom said...

grace...grace...God's are amazing in so many ways don't forget that!