Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Updates, Y'all
  • That first picture is Toby in action. My bedroom floor. You can see he loves toilet paper, flip-flops(pink and black, he has no color preference) and a new thing, Dad's hat. He is chewing everything in sight. So far we are down two pairs of flip flops and now a postal hat. He usually is very good about chewing only his toys. We are trying to be very diligent about keeping all things picked up and put away. Declutter motivator.
  • The kittens are growing. Everyone has their eyes open. We all have a favorite again but we will not be keeping one this time. Two cats is plenty. I miss my snuggly little gray gray. She comes out frequently to be loved on, but she is a good little momma and spends most of her time snuggling her babies. We will get her fixed ASAP. One week after the last little meower has moved on.
  • We just finished breakfast at 11:07. We are on a crazy mixed-up schedule and I don't like it one little teeny tiny bit. Lunch has been cancelled for today and we will sup as soon as the mailman gets home. No one has plans for tonight. Ahhhh-it's been weeks since we were all home at the same time. Having supper together on a cleared off table.
  • School work is 87% finished. YEAH! I finished my teacher stuff yesterday! Go anti-procrastination!
  • Our new club starts in Sept. I am so excited!! We have fantabulous moms who are also excited and we will all co-lead together. HAPPY am I!! We have our main meeting this Thurs. and we will iron out all the details. I am so excited to have good friends along with new friends making up this club.
  • My head is throbbing and I wake up every day with a back ache. I also have hormones raging out of control. Every morning, I wonder who will wake up needing to go pee first, me or Toby. I won today, but he was willing to go as well. Usually it is the other way around. At my physical this year I will have many questions and concerns. My thyroid seems to be out of control. My medicine has been upped the last three times it has been checked. I think we may need a new plan or something. I am researching here hoping to figure something out?? No clue what. My body is going somewhere fast...in the proverbial handbasket. As long as my soul doesn't follow, I guess.

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