Monday, August 13, 2007

Random and Odd

*My butt is kicked. I am so tired, exhausted really. Summer is still going and yet school is started too. It is all too much when coupled with the fact that I was a single mom all last week while Erik was out of town and then he had gigs this weekend, ran all day yesterday. I want to stay at home today but as there is no food in the house, a trip out is essential.

*We are the proud owner of an organ. Seems hubby did not get the decluttering memo. Just kidding, we are excited to have Lilly loving music so much. We have a friend who loves this type of organ, so he can help us clean it up and get it going if it needs help. We got it free off of free-cycle and we are scared to try it without him. It is in beautiful shape though. Since it was free, we expected a "project".

*We have decided we must have a yard sale, it seems that will be the quickest, easiest way to get our garage cleaned out of all the things I have parked there. Except now there is an organ kind of in the way.

*I read a great book this weekend. "Mixed Signals" by Liz Curtis Higgs. I really enjoyed it. My friend Sherry recommended her as a fiction author. She actually recommended some of her fiction based on the old testament, but this book had a cooler cover...Sometimes I do judge a book by its cover. This time it turned out well.

*Our scales have been without a battery for several weeks. I have been unable to weigh in because of this. Today, I put batteries in and I was so excited that maybe I had dropped down while I was scale-less. Nope, I weigh the same.

*Erik's aunt who is my age and originally from Thailand, came to visit this weekend. She now lives in Fort Pierce. If you recall, Erik's uncle-her husband-passed away last year leaving her with two very young children. (3 and 5) Well after she got over the shock of him dying and also got adjusted to handling money (he left her alot of money but she did not even know how to write a check), she became very lonely. Since she is from Thailand, she had no idea how to meet someone, so she went to Phil does a commercial for them!) This time when she came to visit, she brought a friend that she wanted us to meet and give our blessing. He was fabulous, he helps her with the kids, very intelligent, good job, his daughter is 17. He is in his 40's. The family gave a big stamp of approval and I have a whole new respect for online dating. They sure are a good match. I am so glad she has a new friend and most importantly, that he is so much closer to her age. Her parents were younger than Uncle Ted.

*I have to get off of here. I have a list of errands about a mile long. Run, run, run. AND. A list of homework 2 miles long. Fun, fun, fun.


Sandy said...

Good luck with the organ- that's definitely something different! My kids' piano teacher met her husband on eharmony and they are very happy together too. I asked John once if he thought we'd be matched up on eharmony... to his credit, he said he thought so :-).

janjanmom said...

I don't think Eik and I would have ever been matched up by a computer. We are almost total opposites. However, most of the time we do alright. There is certainly not ever a dull moment!