Thursday, July 26, 2007

Those first pics show us checking into the ER with Lilly holding guaze on her head. She was such a brave little trooper. Last pic shows her one stitch. It could have been so much worse. I am very thankful. Erik left band practice to join us because he is our knight in shining armor. Lilly was all over him.

So we are all waiting for the judges to finish judging the sidewalk art. Lilly and I are sitting on a concrete wall. She is "doing gynastics" and fell straight back onto the big rocks behind us. I reach down and calmly pull her up and start checking the back of her head for injury. I don't find anything but keep searching and then I see the blood, find the hole and hold my finger on it. While I am calmly doing this here is what the woman on the other side of Lilly is doing.

Lilly falls back and the woman yells, "SHE CRACKED HER HEAD, I HEARD IT!". She stares at me looking at Lilly's head. She sees the blood before me as it is on her side.

"I SEE IT, SHE BUSTED HER HEAD WIDE OPEN!" Then she runs off still screaming..." A LITTLE GIRL BUSTED HER HEAD WIDE OPEN. THERE IS BLOOOOOOOOOD EVEEEEEEEERYWHEEEEERE!!!" There were also many many OMG's thrown in there. The reality was much less exciting. In no time at all we were surrounded by worried faces. The cameraman for newschannel six nearly killed himself getting us some ice. It was a tiny little puncture and I had already examined the eyes and determined there was not a concussion. I had also predicted she would need one or two stitches. Once I told them we had insurance and we aren't the suing type, worried looks turned into smiles and they were glad Lilly was OK. I could own our city with what was a silly kid mistake. There is something wrong with that. Lawyers and frivilous lawsuits have ruined our country.

Anyway, all is well and Lilly has a cool stitch with blue thread. Battle scars. The hysterical woman has tales to tell her family. Hysterical people are so funny. If I had not been keeping pressure on Lilly's wound, I would have been filming her. I know we could have won it all on AFV. I wish now I could hear her retell the story to friends. I bet her story has a little girl airlifted by helicopter.

After all the fun, we went to show Ninny her stitch and let her know why we had not been back sooner. Then we met Erik and the other two at Taco Bell at 9:30 because none of us had had any supper. Very anti-climactic way to end the evening. I wish I knew hysterical woman's phone number.


Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

gotta love people like that, makes things so much more interesting!! ugh!!
glad it wasn't serious, and all is well!!!

tooo funny about the safety pin!!!

jettybetty said...

So glad Lilly is okay--kids surely keep life exciting.
That looks like a fun contest!

thruchildeyes said...

I don't know how you manage to make me laugh at a hole-in-your-daughter's-head story, but you do. You're such a good mommy.