Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random and odd...

  1. I have discovered I have another friend facing abandonment by her husband. Instead of only one infant child, she has 4*(children, not infants)*. Why? All I can say is why would you have children and then choose to dessert them? There is so much thought that goes into planning a family, how could you then walk away and say, "Nevermind, I changed my mind." IT IS TOO LATE once they are here. You don't get to keep wife shopping once you have one, especially if she bore you children. The damage to children who are abandoned by a parent (I'm sorry-this is what happens in divorce, someone leaves and the child processes it as abandonment) is irreversible and lifelong. To do this as the result of an affair makes my blood boil.
  2. Curriculum is expensive and misleading. It drives me crazy how many things we have that "did not live up to the description". This year, I am so conservative with my purchases, it is a little funny. Hubby doesn't think $300(for all 3) is conservative, but it IS. Co-op helps alot as I don't have to purchase alot of teacher's books-just student books.
  3. I am doing major soul-searching as to where God wants me to serve at church. I am stepping down from helping with the preschool. Ten years is enough. I want to serve where my passions are, just not sure what that means for me. In the past, it has been wherever my kids are. However, as they get older, I see their need to detach from me a bit and vice versa. Not too much, just beginning to loosen the apron strings, not cut them.
  4. The relationship between Kayla and Lilly is out of control. They live to torture one another. Today I officially had enough. There WILL be peace in the valley. Many things shall be no more. For Righteous Instruction ROCKS!
  5. I have never been so aware of my faults, personality flaws, vulnerabilities, etc. as I am as a mom. I have never quite understood how critical encouragement is until I entered this roller coaster ride. And grace, as I seem to screw up at least once every hour, minute.
  6. We switched to natural peanut butter. I read the side of the jar and laughed out loud. "Separation of ingredients is normal, just stir and enjoy." After cutting it with a knife and then taking one beater on my mixer and finally getting it all stirred up, we were able to "enjoy". The process took about 5 minutes, a very far cry from "just stir".
  7. We finished the trim in Kayla's room. WAHOO! I have decided it is well past time to finish up all of the projects I have begun over the last 4-5 years. Really well past time. Note to husband: This would be a great time for positive encouragement not criticism. Certainly not a time to suggest selling our house and moving somewhere else causing wife to go into total freak-out mode. Unless it is Evansville.
  8. Our co-op starts back Aug 1 and I am not ready to relinquish my summer yet. Not even remotely. I have no choice, of course, being a new kid on the block but I don't like it a bit. Also, it will only be Lilly and I as the big girls will be at camp-planned long before I knew of our early start day.
  9. I have procrastinated doing my yearbook pages and it was not a wise move. I am not comforted one bit by the fact that I know 4 other families who have also procrastinated it. It is slated on my list of things to do ASAP. Like maybe today. or tomorrow...
  10. My bedroom is decluttered and I love it. Lots of stuff is now all over various rooms in the house as we try to decide what to do with it, but my room and Kayla's room look very nice. The Salvation Army is going to love me, ALOT, very soon.


thruchildeyes said...

Anyone who thinks they can leave their spouse without leaving their children, or worse, thinking it will be better for the kids in the long run, has been deceived! It's way too common.

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

1. Try MaranTha no stir creamy peanut butter. I get it from Sam's club (2 pack), yummy good, no stirring, and no hydrogenated ickiness!!!

2. Isn't it fabulous how having children makes you so acutely aware of all your failings?? Gotta love the little buggers.

3. Divorce......what an ugly, ugly thing.....I need to write my own blog entry on this subject.....anywhooooo, prayers to all those families.