Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter

Yesterday, Lilly and I went to the library after getting the girls off to camp. I was prepared to pick up my reserved copy of Harry Potter. I was in for a horrible surprise, we had an overdue game-I always forget about those. Sly Cooper-you robbed me. So, downcast, Lilly and I exited the library.
Then I looked at her and said, "Oh wait, do YOU still want to go to the kids section and play on the computers?"
"Yes." I was so pumped up for starting that book, that I had forgotten that Harry Potter was of no concern at all to her.
She takes her spot at a computer and I am looking through the recently returned books. There it is. I gingerly take it off the shelf and look at the librarian. "Is this available for check-out?" "Yes!", she smiles broadly and directs my gaze to several dispalyed prominently about the library. There were about 7 copies and I didn't look, but I would wager there were some on the shelf too. So I checked it out on my one of my kid's cards that did not have a fine. I beat the system! BRUHAHAHAHAHHAA!
I immediately sat down and started reading about 11 AM yesterday and finished up this morning. My house is a wreck and Lilly was very patient with me yesterday. She got to have all the popsicles she wanted and watch TV and play video games all day long. This sounds like a dream, but I don't think she liked it as much as she thought she would. She was so glad to see Dad come home. Later, after he had made them some supper I believe they played/worked outside together. I just kept reading on because I wanted to know...had to know...crazy woman. Erik made a crack about getting to read all day, must be nice. I grinned and half-heartedly argued and blocked him from my world and read on. I went to bed at 1, got some rest and woke up at 6:30 and finished at 8:30. Lilly is so happy I have finished. I won't be such a crappy mom today. Don't judge me.
I already feel guilty for the neglect, but mostly I feel guilty because I can't read the Bible with the same excitement. I thought as I awoke this morning with a renewed eager spirit, ready to read and I felt terrible. God, forgive me. I finished 759 pages in less than 24 hours. Yet I could not read the word of God in 90 days. At that rate, I should be able to read The entire Holy Bible in just a few days. This is probably what Sara is going to talk to me about. ( ;
Pray for me, I have skewed priorities.
I did not love the ending. I did love the book. All the loose ends were tied up and I liked that. Okay, nuff said. Some of you may still be reading. The spoiler that I heard? I am glad I did not take too much stock in it as it was a big fat lie, or maybe it wasn't. I'm no spoiler.


Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

I did that too, read and read and read, sometimes it is okay......not like we are out bar hopping or something....

Julie Anne said...

It's ok! Reading the Bible less does not = loving God less. He teaches us in many other ways...