Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anti-procrastination week!

Not that it was intentional, but I have only procrastinated one thing this week and that was my yearbook pages. Lots of other deadlines were met and met early. I would have procrastinated yearbook even longer, but I discovered I could print wallet sized photos on my printer. YEAH!! I was so excited that I printed pictures with gusto. I only procrastinated the actual assembling of my pages. Printing the pics a few days before is not my typical fly by the seat of my pants lifestyle. I am trying to change those tendencies along with de-cluttering. They sort of go hand in hand. Usually I procrastinate because whatever it is that I need has been misplaced under a pile of clutter requiring double time to complete the project-looking for item, then doing the task.

I read a spoiler for Harry Potter on someone's blog and I was so angry. I was blog surfing out of frustration because none of my daily reads are updating!! Update, linky love!! I need more! I needed new reading material!! There was not even a reason for it. The author just sort of casually put in "Well, I'm no JK Rowling, but if I was I would not have written......" I am clinging to the fact that it could have been a big fat lie. I pick up my reserved copy at the library tomorrow. I never dreamed I would get to read it this soon-but they did get a very large number of copies. I am not a fanatic-obviously or I would own it-but I am very excited by the ending of the last one and eager to read what happens next.

I don't have alot else to post. Duffle bags and sleeping bags are stationed by the door for departure. It is a little sad to see them go, they are growing up so fast. They both packed all of their stuff and when I checked through it-they had done fabulously. I am working myself out of a job.

Lilly and I will be alone this week and if the past two days are an indicator-I will be certifiably insane by Monday evening. Pray for us!!

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Teacher Mom said...

after the sleepover outing (H.P. at the drive-in)we decided to read the series. S. and I are on chapter 11 of Sorcerer's Stone. Don't know what took us so long to jump on the bandwagon. Its fun! We will catch up some day.