Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Official week 1 weight loss ~ unchanged

Today is weigh-in for the weight loss challenge. I mentioned last week that I had a 3 lb weight loss to energize me. Today, that is still all I have. Truth be told though, while I have certainly been much more dedicated to moving, I have not altered my eating one iota. The biscuits and gravy sitting on my tummy this moment are a reminder that my diet MUST be altered. The Weight Watcher's binder is out, now I just need to actually open it and start tracking my points. It is a delightful program and doesn't make you give up anything. I could even have a candy bar for breakfast if I want. It has way fewer points than the biscuits and gravy!! Curse you wonderful biscuit recipe!!

1 comment:

Sally Bradley said...

A candy bar would be better??

Oh, that does make one want to cry!