Thursday, May 17, 2007

Miserable Malady

I suffer from a horrible disease. It is common among homeschool moms. In fact, I can only think of one friend who does not suffer from it's clutches (you know who you are!). It is so invasive, taking over almost every nook and cranny of your life.

"Quick, tell me, what is this malady!", you say. Homeschool moms may be guessing self-doubt, but that is not the malady I am addressing today. The life changing/home altering disease I am dealing with this day is CURRICULUM ADDICTION. The dark, ugly secret of the homeschool community.

Hi, I am Janjanmom and I became a curriculum junkie as soon as I had a child in utero. I was obsessed with teaching my child every good and proper thing using books and learning toys. The obsession only intensified to the life altering level we are currently at when I started to homeschool my three children 2+ years ago. The biggest problem is that others have the same addiction and tend to place their "learning materials" in yard sales at ridiculously low prices forcing me to snarf them up like there is no tomorrow. Another culprit is the Rainbow resource catalog. Their gifted writers could make a rock from the driveway sound like such a wonderful teaching tool that you would be a fool not to purchase it. I have not ever actually purchased a rock, but I have bought many an item I did not want or need. (plus, shipping is free when you spend an absurd amount)

As I am continuing in my decluttering, I have reached the thing I have put off until last-curriculum. It is ugly. The scariest part of addiction is looking it in the face and saying, "NO!". And trying really hard to mean it! I will hopefully be organizing a curriculum sale soon and I can bless another family with items they WILL USE, not collect! I fancy that I will bless their school and their pocketbook with a much-discounted price! Hopefully, I will bless my own home and pocketbook by using the phrase I have heard all my life, "JUST SAY NO!"


Mia said...

oooohhhhh just thinking about what I might "snarf" up at ridiculously low prices makes my toenails tingle.heehee

~ Stephanie. said...

Ain't that the truth, sister! I am such a book addict, and the worst part is, if you don't cover every bit of all the material with each of your children, you feel like a failure! Here's to decluttering, minimizing, eliminating, simplifying, organizing, and prioritizing! (So, when's the curriculum sale?)

janjanmom said...

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

I knew you would approve! I'll let you know the date!

jettybetty said...

Don't think this is unique to homeschooling moms--I had it bad and my kids were in ps. (I bought hs curriculums to *enrich*!)

janjanmom said...

Jettybetty: I used to "enrich" as well!! Hee hee, there are a few things that were only read once or twice-now that is enriching!!