Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I believe that number is over 10,000. Wow. Sorry about that, obviously I can't read my numbers.

Today we have a day off from testing so we can have music recitals. Lilly has not been a very diligent student this year, so I am fully realizing that this recital may not go well. She just needs one on one attention, I think. Plus, our class is a "Mommy and me" and since I am soooooooooo musically illiterate, I know it holds her back. Every time I watch her or help her, I tell her something wrong and then go, "Oh wait, yes dear, you were doing it right." Even Erik who is VERY musically inclined has a little trouble because the chords are solfage (do re mi...) not lettered. He adapted pretty quick but doesn't really have loads of time to practice with her. It has been quite a challenge.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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