Sunday, April 22, 2007

Say it right, already!

I know it is amazing, especially those of you who know me, but I have not made a point very clearly on my last post.

"I do believe you will have a lot of CRAP to deprogram from your child and I bet you already know that if they are past 1st grade."

This was my statement.

By "crap", I meant things like, being labeled "fast" or "slow" at Kindergarten-how fair is that? I also meant the emphasis on things and who has what and they are cooler because of what they have not who they are. The emphasis on boyfriends and girl friends that starts as early as kindergarten. Learning that alternative lifestyles are just as normal as marriage. Those sorts of things. For older kids, you could add a whole other dimension of things learned from peers.

I DO NOT believe that one is better than the other, homeschool or public school. I have done both. I have two children that would thrive in public school and one that would shrivel up-she already was. Those children who don't thrive on competition are the ones that wear that "less than" feeling the rest of their lives. I wish she had never stepped foot in the door. I hope I got her out in time. The other kids that are chewed up and spit out at public school are kids that are hyper and physical. Your kid will most likely be labeled a "bad kid" in K and will wear that title all through.

I do feel like teachers face some mighty huge obstacles nowadays, but I also believe they are very well educated to step up to it. Most teachers now really are committed and love children or they can't hack all of the social work involved.

The article excerpt that I posted was interesting and I referenced the blog not the article because I found the comments to be very balanced. They spoke of english strengths and science weakness. I would love to hear more from you, jettybetty. I did not remember that college prof was in your background. I am, as always, eager to hear more info to make me a better teacher!

Just as there are success stories in both areas, homeschool and public school, there are dismal failures in both areas as well.

I have huge issues with schools and it has little to do with the school. It has to do with all of the kids out there who are not parented, at all. There are so many kids raising themselves because of drugs, alcohol or a parent just working all the time to make a living. They are relying on peers to help them make decisions and that is a bad place to go. Kids that don't have anyone "looking out for them" are at a great risk. For those kids, very often, school is a lifesaver.

My bottom line is this: PRAY and LISTEN to what God is calling you to do for your family. I believe if you have a constant nagging in the pit of your stomach that school is "killing" your kid's zeal for life, take action. Also, if homeschooling seems unable to fuel your kid's need to accomplish, take action. Plan some more activities or get back in the public school arena. I believe God speaks to us and sends us affirmations-either that we have made the right decision or the wrong. We just don't always tune in and listen.


jettybetty said...

I totally agree with your last paragraph.

Yes, PH and I both taught at Oklahoma Christian. It wasn't the academic preparation we saw lacking--we saw 18 year olds that could not function because they had never experienced *the real world*. It was not pretty. It was during our time there--PH told me we would send our children to public school--so we could teach them how God wanted them to live in the real world while we could influence them.

There's a Christian response to each of the issues you mention--if you want me to elaborate on how I would handle them--I could--but they are just all ways to teach children about who they are in God's world. I wouldn't shrink from a one of them. We actually dealt with all of them--and many more. I would have never been able to think of all the things that came up--so I would have never been able to teach our children about so many issues that I had opportunity to because of public schools.

My heart goes out to the kids that have no one to parent them. That is one of the huge reasons I loved my kids in public school--I was able to mentor, tutor--just affirm kids that just didn't get very much. We had many discussions at home on how God wanted our kids to be friends with these kids! These kids are so important to God--and just need to have a little hope!

I believe you do have to listen to God to know how to school your children--and I believe you have. I am not questioning that.

People that hear God calling them to put their children in public school probably look at issues quite differently than you do.

What is one person's crap--may be the other person's treasure!!


Mia said...

Ahh.."the real world" Spending eight hours a day in a room with 30 other children the same age is NOT the "real world"
Jesus was taught and nutured by his mother at home up until the age of 12. His public ministry did not begin until the age of 30.
While homeschooling is not for everyone,please don't suggest that public school is the real world.
The real world is a day to day "living and learning" with your family, extended family, church family and those of all ages you encounter in real life situations.

~DanaB~ said...

I think tis important to remember that all of our experiences are just that...OURS.
While jettybetty had one experience/s that led them to public school, we've had other experiences--JUST as rich and JUST as profound-- that led us to homeschooling. It's just as CLEAR to our family as it is to your family.
And,I beg to differ about the 'real world' children experience it fully and touch folks for Jesus, as much as yours--just in a different way.