Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mom and Lilly + Yard Sales

We have been yard saling some yesterday and today. My mom tagged along with us today. Fun times. More crap. I am teaching the kids to economize. Kayla about dies when we shop retail. That is exactly my plan.

"Why do things have to cost so much. Maybe I'll just wait 'til summer and see if I can find it at a yard sale."

Good planning. Today they bought all the fixings to accompany a hermit crab. Erika and Kayla both split the $2 cost of a cage which came with rocks, shells, sticks, etc. I think they charge a small fortune at a pet store. This is also a cage big enough for more than one. I think I know where birthday money will be spent.

Yesterday, they each chipped in a dollar towards buying a pogo stick. $3 for a pogo stick. They have wanted one for a long time. It is funny to watch them on it and they can all pogo a bit. Seems to be a good one.

Priceless quotes from today, Mom's is a gem.

First, Lilly: "If the cool police come here, they will just get you and not me 'cause I'm cool." This was said plain and simple, no disrespect in her tone-just conversational after we got dressed today. Of course this is one I can only giggle in my head about because it is a recurring disrespect thing. She got a stern lecture but I can laugh here on the blog because if there were cool police?? I would be in BIG trouble. Especially if it all centers around clothing.

Now, Mom's:

"I am excited about my new shorts. They are that new size, grange. Fits me every time."

"What size?", I ask.

"Grange...g-r-a-n-g-e. It's new and I had some other shorts that size and they fit just right."

"Do you mean g-r-a-n-d-e, grande-it is spanish for large.", I say.

"Well, whatever it is, they always fit real good."

I wish I could be a fly on the wall as she tells one of her friends she has some new spanish shorts. I am sure I will get full credit for knowing they were from Spain. I've always been the smart one, you know. LOL.

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