Monday, April 02, 2007

I am blogging while my homemade biscuits bake. I love writing that. When I remember my source, I will post it because it is very easy. My family still prefers grands-but that is too bad. No preservatives in my biscuits.

I have a confession to make as the reigning queen of vinegar and all its cleaning atributes. Our friends Mike and Sara gave us a recipe for a siding cleaner that rocks.(no vinegar) Well, we were going on our memories when we bought the ingredients and accidentally bought soft scrub which we did not need for the recipe. I have been cleaning like crazy with lemon scented soft scrub and loving it. I won't buy more when I run out but I figured I should 'fess up that I have been a cleaning fool with the soft scrub. It doesn't clean better than vinegar and baking soda but the lemony smell is delicious.

Time for biscuits and gravy.

Have a great morning!

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Julie Anne said...

I love soft scrub. It's nasty and toxic, but it will get grape juice, permanent marker, etc. off your counter tops in a jiffy.