Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Honesty is the best policy!

We have new trash cans in our bathrooms. They have lids that must be opened thanks to Tobilicious Toby. He loves toilet paper, especially the fun kind. Since we have a septic tank and all the fun that goes along with those, we just toss our paper in the trash instead of flushing. All that to say, until you open the lid, what is in there is not visible.

Monday, as I am getting ready to go to bowling, I throw something away and find the little 3LB dumbells that Lilly uses to make her muscles bigger. We just got them at a yardsale over the weekend, so I knew it wasn't her throwing them away. She loves them, I did caution her-only once per day and just 2-3 times. Since Lilly is often the culprit when something is awry, I did not even know who to suspect.

"Who threw away Lilly's weights?", I asked.

"Not me."

"Not me."

"Whoever threw away Lilly's dumbells had better 'fess up or this week's activities are cancelled." (This is about 30 minutes before bowling)

"Okay, it was me.", says Kayla.

"Why would you do that? You know she loves them. She has been using them every day. Why would you do something so mean." Erik asks her. (He was off on Monday.)

"I was afraid she would get stronger than me so I threw them away." said Kayla.

As soon as Erik and I stopped laughing...and it took a while, I followed up with this pearl of parental wisdom.

"Telling the truth has set you free, but I am totally blogging it."


Mia said...

bowling priviledges....the great truth serum! Tell Lily to keep it up and you can enter her in the women's WWF

Sallie said...

that is too funny!!