Friday, March 30, 2007

The things I take for granted are amazing!

My husband is so sweet natured-not to say he does not have his moments-but he is much more even keel than I am. It is his nature to be nice and friendly unless provoked to do otherwise.(Yes, I am often provoking) All that to say, I have been making an effort to just be nice. Somtimes I just forget to speak or give a hug or say hello even. It is kind of ridiculous. Sometimes I do it with people I pass in the hall at church as well. Greetings are important. It feels good to be greeted. Especially by someone you love and have missed all day.

So this morning I just so happen to be awake while Erik was dressing in our bedroom and I said "Good morning!" Keep in mind there are two unusual things here-I was both awake and coherent. Erik looks at me and says, "Were you talking to me or the dog?". Now in my defense, the dog was right beside me. However, it kind of speaks volumes about my lack of sweetness to my man. I'll be working on that. I believe nothing says I love you like a home-cooked meal and clean undies-but "Good morning" 's and "Hello, how was your day?" 's certainly rank right up there too.

How about you? Anyone else forgot their manners with your mate?

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Tracey said...

I try to do at least a few nice things every day. He does as well. It can be harder some days than others, but well worth it.