Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I love Co-op!

It isn't perfect, or they would not let me in, but it is so neat to have once a week exposure to other moms!! We had such an off-kilter week and it suited us all very well. Everyone just adapted to it and went on. Next week will be off-kilter as well, and the same thing will happen again. I also love the communication issues we don't have, because if something is "up"-THEY TELL YOU! Bravo for that. Women can be so ridiculous and this group is not. The girls we are teaching sometimes are-but that is another post-girls need time/discipline to get over all the "mean girl" tendencies they get along with the hormones.

Our weather today is gorgeous and I want to be out in it but the house is so far gone, I must rescue it instead of playing in the sunshine. My kids are living it up though! Church is tonight as well so I only have so much time to squeeze things into.

Took Tobilicious Toby to co-op and he was very popular. A little too popular. He won't go again, but it was fun to have him there last hour today. He loves people...except strangers at our house, he growls like he might eat them alive. Don't know if that will get better or worse as he gets older.

***SAD NOTE****
Toby does seem to be growing into his ears. He has gained 8 pounds in a month. They may have been right about the husky thing. Husky/Rat terrier/chihauhua(sp?). That's funny.

Laundry and housework are calling me right now!! Too much to do! Back to work!

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