Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good morning!

Oh how I love Thursday. Mon-Wed. are so busy and so Thurs and Fri become our down days. We can do fun things or just home things and either way, it is a blessing. Today we will do fun things and home things.

I have a list two miles long of things to do, but I am only going to do about the top 10. I am but one person and other things will just have to wait. Easter is just around the corner and I have an excitement that matches my children's. I can't decide if I should have the bunny bring me diet coke, mello yello, or Mr. pibb-all favorites. Maybe a sip of each one.

Next Monday is our troop Easter egg hunt and the girls have voted to do the exact same thing we always do. We make a bunny head cake and then decorate it. The only change this year is that they did vote for individual bunny heads. Then we will have a contest to see whose cake is best. They also agreed to lose their cool-ness for a bit to hunt eggs since they will have money in them. I have mostly 5th grade, 1 -4th grader, 2- 6th graders, and 2 -8th graders, and Lilly the kindergardner. The two sixth graders are the coolest right now but they promised they could forget their coolness for one day and just have fun.

Oky doky, I am going to start my top ten things along with some laundry and hope to get some things really accomplished. I wish you a productive day and I hope you wish me the same!

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