Friday, January 19, 2007

Too much Sqawk box!

I have learned some awful things from the squawk box(TV) that I wish to unlearn. I was watching a TV show (20/20) about consumer debt and how America is drowning in it. Then they go on from there to talk about Screech from Saved by the Bell ( I was a faithful viewer) now has a sex tape and goes to "Adult" conferences to "market" his "accidental" sex tape. What happened to the poor kids on that show...they have all gone onto troubling careers. Child Actors shouldn't be allowed. It seldom turns out well.

Secondly, on the other squawk box(radio), I learn that a legislator from California(OF COURSE) is trying to get a bill passed that outlaws any sort of physical discipline-spanking, swatting, hand-smack-on children 3 and under. WHAT!!? That is all you have for kids about 12 months-3. You can't exactly reason with them or appeal to their common sense. I nearly fell on the floor laughing as she stated that we need to follow the examples of daycares and schools who do not use any corporal punishment. OH MY!! Is that a success train we want to board?? The violence level at schools has reached epic proportions. I blame it all on the fact that Miss Teacher can't drag you out into the hall with a witness, paddle your behind, bring tears to your eyes and then seal it all off with you having to walk back to your desk in front of 25 horrified other students. That my friends is some power you don't want to mess with. AND YES, I received my fair share, the last one in seventh grade and my respect was fully developed and I wasn't interested in having that joy repeated in high school.

I am praying for our country!! Crazy people are in charge and I just hope the ordinary people don't wash their hands of politics and quit voting. There is a battle not only of right and wrong but NORMAL versus FREAKY HUMAN RIGHTS PEOPLE. People who believe your 0-36 month old should have more rights than you as a parent. Pray and vote for conservatives who believe you should pay less taxes, discipline your children, and who won't allow your pre-teen and teen "reproductive rights" until she is old enough to vote for them.


Steph said...

Yes, the squawk box it is not very encouraging, but we already have the victory in Christ. He is our only hope in this fallen world. I thank God that we can vote, and it is one of the things that I speak up about to others. Don't let Satan make you think that he is winning because of all the disturbing things that you hear about on the TV and radio. Look for the good, too, and concentrate on it. Look for the unseen. May God bless you, Sister, in your strong convictions!

Julie Anne said...

hey Janice, I need to email you and don't have your new one, can you shoot it to me? Thanks!

Deborah and Sally said...

Amen, I'll pray along with you !:)

Sandy said...

We laughed out loud at the people who left comments on Fox News about the spanking story. Rationalize with a 2 year old? Puh-leeze!